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How To Create Facebook Fan Page Or Business Page

By Admin - Tuesday 3 March 2015 No Comments

How To Create And Manage Facebook Fang Page And Business Page

You can easily create facebook page by following steps
1 : You need a facebook id and You must log in to continue.
2 : Follow this link Facebook Page Or Go to facebook page and click on create pages present in page list.
3 : select your page type, choose category and fill your page information ( Business or Place name, Address, City/State,Zip code,phone ) and click on get started.

4 : Enter your business or page data / description / category / about your page / add your website link if you have / and enter your suitable address for your page. Click on yes if your business is a real establishment, business or venue. After completing about your page then click on save info.

5 : Set your profile pic and click on save photo. Click on add favorite.

6 : Last step is very important. In this step you tell to people about your page that what is present in page and facebook will put your's content in front of people who matter most to your business.

Now your facebook fanpage / business page is ready let start work and earn Good Luck!

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