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How to Safe Internet for Kids In Easy Way

By Admin - Wednesday 11 March 2015 No Comments

How to Safe Internet for Kids In Easy Way

Kids are not that much good always in combination, which is why we adults need to protect and safe the internet from our kids.

Step 1: To get started, head to OpenDNS’s parental controls page, where you can select a package. Among the free options, you can choose the Family Shield service, which automatically blocks adult content, or the OpenDNS Home package, which lets you customize the filtering and security settings (for example, block adult sites, gaming sites or social media sites and the sites you dont want to see the kids)

Step 2: After creating an account, choose the web content filtering and security options for your home network.

You will have to head to your routers administration page to add OpenDNS servers IP addresses ( and, as the DNS servers (OpenDNS offers tutorials for different routers), but once you do that and configure your parental controls at, you have added an extra layer of security and monitoring to your network for free.

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